Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Daughter Can Dance

At less than 10 months old, my daughter already has more rhythm than I do.

Looks like she is working on driving a little early too.

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Kathy Grimes said...

Dear David & family, I just wanted to leave you a note to tell you that your daughter looks beautiful and David she looks just like you and that is really scary Dan and I are getting ready to embark in an new ministry on Saturday we are starting what we call community dinners they will be free and they are for who ever needs a hot meal or just some fellowship we live in such a depressed area and people are losing their jobs left and right here so what I am asking that you keep us in prayers on Saturday well i need to get ready I have to be at the church in an hour to get ready for our food cupboard we are so busy these days with me working now and doing new stuff at the church. we leave in two months on a misson trip to Louisiana we will be in New Orleans this year it will exciting I hope we have about 16 going this year that is more than we have ever had well I really need to go now I will write to again. Kathy & Dan Grimes.