Sunday, March 17, 2013


Longing deeply
For what should be
This glass too dark to truly see
What is now like mustard seed

To feel love's warmth
Without life's cold
To hear the voices silenced
with stories untold

A life where pain is healed
Rather than repeated
Where wholeness rather than hurt
Is what's perpetuated

A place of belonging
A place of calling
A place of creating
A place of just being

Justice without vengeance
Peace without passivity
Love the only law
All else liberty

Here the future holds sway
A chance for something new
More than the past
It shapes today

Where words are less needed
Because of life already shared
Self fully present
And cherished though laid bare

Two is not enough
All flesh made one

And can it be?
Such healing from a tree?
It says so.  This groaning, such longing
For the city without the sea.

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